What To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

Weddings are special events that require plenty of preparation to make the event a big success. It is always a good idea to hire a wedding planner to help you with the preparations. You'll also need to find the best bespoke tailor london has to offer. The planner will come with a checklist and ensure everything is checked off the list before the big day arrives. Below is a list of other important requirements:

i) Choose a Wedding Date
Once you are engaged, the next step is to set the wedding date. This can be weeks or months away. You can choose a wedding date during the holiday season, in winter, on a weekday or on a weekend. It is upon you and your partner to decide. However, if you have a summer wedding, you will have a limited window. Once you have settled on a specific wedding date, you can proceed with the preparations. 

ii) Choose a Wedding Venue
You'll need to choose a suitable venue for the wedding. A ballroom wedding, church wedding, garden wedding or beach wedding are some of the available options. The type of wedding you're planning will also affect the type of venue you choose. For instance, you can have a traditional or modern wedding. Once you've settled on a particular wedding venue, you must check its availability and book the venue by paying a deposit. 

iii) Get Your Wedding Suit and Dress
As the wedding date approaches, you'll need to make sure your wedding suits and dresses fit. The groom and groomsmen should all have their suits ready. The bride and her maids should also have their dresses ready for the big day. This is the most important requirement because the type of suit or dress you wear on your big day will be the highlight of the event. 

iv) Make Your Guest List
Compiling the guest list will take time because there are many people that both of you would want to invite to the wedding, but due to limited space, you will have to compile the list carefully. The closest friends and relatives should be on the list. A few colleagues can also be added to the guest list. The list should be created early and invites sent out.

v) Hotel Accommodation
You will have to book hotel rooms for the bridal party and guests who are coming from afar. It is important you have all the important guests in one place before the big day to ensure flight cancellations and bad weather do not disrupt your plans. 

vi) Catering
If the wedding venue allows outside catering, you can decide to look for your own caterer. There are some amazing caterers out there, so you should do your research and choose the right firm for the event. The fees charged by different caterers, experience in the industry and reputation they have developed so far are some of the key factors to be considered when looking for the right catering company for the wedding.